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First Impression

The website of the company is similar to many other sites. It’s quite simple to navigate, has a lot of articles related to writing, offers many services. The layout is pretty simple as well. The website looks normal. 

Is EssaySOS reliable? The company has offices in the USA and in the UK. Well, when we looked through the website, we had a common opinion that it was reliable. 

However, we have discovered a lot of unpleasant moments that describe the company as unreliable. There are some other EssaysSOS reviews that point out similar problems to ours while we were using this service. 

The order form looks standard. There are three steps, where you need to specify personal details, like First and Last names, email, and telephone. 

The second step requires a description of a paper, like a type of work, academic level, citation style, and other requirements. The third step offers the first order discount.

Quality of Service

We have ordered 8-page case study writing. Unfortunately, there is nothing good to say about the quality of papers this writing company offers to its customers. The word mediocrity is the best description that can be given to that work. 

The case hasn’t been examined thoroughly. The offered solution had nothing to do with the key problem. It looked like a mere collection of words that didn’t make sense.

Is EssaysSOS scam? Well, this company has shown the most unpleasant scenario, and it is hard to call it a good writing company, regarding the price we paid for this work. We believe that our writer wasn’t a native speaker. It seems to be the most reasonable explanation. 

Some EssaysSOS reviews share this point of view. Nevertheless, the company assures its customers that writers’ native language is English. This disappointing fact does no credit to the writing company at all.

Pricing and Deadlines

The range of deadlines is simple. The minimum offered deadline is 12 hours. As we know, it is far beyond the best offers in the market. 

The maximum deadline is 10 days. We wanted our case study to be done within 3 days. Luckily, the delivery was on time, but it didn’t help to get a good paper on time. 

The price was $208. So, the price per page was approximately $26.  This writing company cannot be described as a cheap one. 

As for EssaysSOS, Reddit reviews state that prices are high and not commensurate with the offered quality.

For instance, one page of a high-school essay with a maximum deadline costs $19.94. If you want it to be done within 12 hours, you have to pay $30,95. 

In case you need a doctoral essay, the prices per page will be $25.95 and $37.95 accordingly. As you see, is not the cheapest way to spend money on papers.

Naturally, we ordered a free revision, but it wasn’t free of charge. We were told that the requirements were unclear and that’s why we need to pay if the revision is needed. It was another nail in the coffin of our patience! Is EssaySOS legit? We have some doubts about this company.

Types of Papers

The range of papers is quite vast. You can order almost any paper you would like to. It may partly explain why the quality is mediocre. 

It seems that this writing service doesn’t have enough trained professionals to cope with all types of assignments. Thus, you cannot be sure that your requirements will be fulfilled. 

It means that you have to think twice before ordering some really serious and important papers. One EssaysSOS review states that the essay quality was good. However, an essay isn’t a dissertation.

Special Features

The writing service offers free revisions. However, in our case, those revisions weren’t free of charge. That’s why it is hard to say whether they have free revisions at all. 

There is nothing to add. Apart from this, you can get a discount, like a bulk order discount or first business discount. Nevertheless, even discounts don’t really help to make prices acceptable. 

Free samples. In case you want to see how this service works, you can ask for free samples. Of course, those samples have nothing to do with the real work. 

Unfortunately, reality has shown that the offered quality doesn’t meet the set requirements. Some EssaysSOS reviews point out that writing standards are poor there. It is true, to our deepest regret. 

Customer Care

If you want to get in touch with customer support, you can contact agents via phone, live chat, or email. It is important to admit that support agents work quite well. Nevertheless, due to the company policy, they are constantly under attack. 

It is obvious that many unsatisfied customers make complaints, and the support team is the so-called ‘covering defense’. 

We think that many of them are friendly and responsible. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with the quality of papers and high prices.

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