Persuasive Essay

How to Write A Persuasive Essay. Free Essay Examples  

If you need to write a persuasive essay, the first thing you’ll have to do is deal with a persuasive essay definition. It states that in this type of assignment, you have to advocate your position and convince the readers that your point of view is correct. So, in other words, you need to provide solid argumentation which should convince your readers to agree with your position.

The persuasive essay format consists of four stages. In the beginning, you should introduce the issue and name the problem. After that, you have to present both sides including the one which you do not agree with. Then, you may start the main part where you should persuade the readers that your position is the only one correct. To achieve success in it, you need to provide proofs, statistical data, and any other pieces of evidence to support your position.

When you are done with the main part, summarize all your arguments and draw the bottom line. End your paper with a brief conclusion where you will once again highlight your position. If you experience a shortage of fresh persuasive essay ideas, you may seek them online. There are hundreds of topics on the Internet, so in less than 5 minutes, you will easily find the one which will be interesting for you.

However, searching for good persuasive essay examples may not always bring the required results. The majority of such samples are not in free access. That’s why we have prepared a couple of free examples so that you could see the structure of this type of assignment. Check them out and get the necessary inspiration to write your own paper.

Persuasive Essay About Smoking

Why do people smoke? Some say that it helps them to relax, relieve stress, or even to concentrate. However, most agree that it is a habit that they cannot get rid off. Indeed, there is nothing good about smoking. It is a disgusting habit which only damages people’s health and even spoils the lives of those called passive smokers. So, the advantages of smoking are quite limited and can hardly compensate for  the damage that it causes.

The negative effects constitute a huge list. One of the most widespread side effects are lung and heart diseases. Even those people who start smoking in their 20s, by the age of 50 60 will have one or a few problems with health caused by this bad habit. Smoking has even worse consequences among women. People who have such a habit cannot abstain from cigarettes for long. A couple of days seem unbearable to them. That’s why not all women who smoke can give up this habit even during pregnancy despite understanding that it can hurt their babies.

As a result, a child whose mother was smoking during pregnancy might have mental diseases or other problems with health. Smoking also causes damage to people who have never tried cigarettes but were often surrounded by smokers, and as a result, also consumed tobacco smoke. Passive smokers are also vulnerable to almost the same diseases as smokers themselves and also endanger their health. Hence, smoking is nothing more but a bad habit which most people cannot leave off. All arguments that it may be at least somehow beneficial to smokers are incomparable to the side effects that smoking has.

Persuasive Essay on Immigration

Attitude towards immigration always divides people into two separate camps. One side views immigrants as a burden to the nation that has a strictly negative effect on the social and economic life of the country. The opposite camp of people has a less negative attitude towards immigrants and at least does not view them as a threat to the nation’s well-being. Indeed, the issue of immigration has many negative outcomes, but there are also positive shifts that immigrants may bring.

One should not forget the fact that one of the most powerful countries in the world, the United States, was founded by immigrants. I think that immigrants may introduce a lot of benefits if one could organize their flow wisely. Another point is that under term immigration many people often mean refugees who leave their native countries because of a difficult political or economic situation. In this case, a huge wave of people assaults the borders of the country they want to find shelter in.

The point is that the amount of such people exceeds the country’s capacity for sheltering. Besides, most of these immigrants are labor workers, and a very low percent of them have valuable knowledge or experience which could bring some benefits. So, in other words, a country gets a huge amount of unskilled people who have no job, dwelling, or significant savings to take care of their well-being themselves.

That’s the reason why most people view immigration as a negative phenomenon. They believe that their government spends valuable resources and tax dollars not on the improvement of living conditions of its own citizens as it should. The reason why people often have a negative attitude towards mass immigration is that they have to work hard to earn money for living, while the government gives foreigners everything required for a good life for free.

Despite the fact that helping other people in need is the moral obligation of all humans, the government should keep balance and provide such help in a limited fashion. There should be certain obligations that immigrants should fulfill to somehow pay off the help they received. That would allow to improve the attitude towards immigrants and give an opportunity to increase the volume of immigrants that a country can provide shelter for.

Persuasive Essay on Gun Control

Mass shooting in school is probably one of the first issues which come to mind when one starts talking about the necessity of gun control. The United States has a long list of such tragedies, and no wonder that many connect it with the accessibility to weapons. The fact that guns are easy to purchase is the reason why gun control should be stricter. No doubts that there are those people who view gun control as the violation of the rights for self-defense.

Such people support the idea that those with malevolent plans could get guns even if the gun control laws were stricter. Besides, those people who use guns to protect themselves and their families will lose the means of self-protection. Indeed, such point of view is reasonable, but on the other side, if guns are more difficult to get it reduces the chances of teenagers buying them and as a result committing crimes. Stricter measures on gun control also predetermine other activities which have to provide stricter punishment for having an unregistered weapon.

Besides, stricter gun control measures could allow reducing accidental injuries. According to the statistics, about 30% of all accidental injuries are caused by firearms. In addition, people who should not own guns will not get access to them which means that every person who wants to buy a gun has to pass a number of tests which will prove that his or her mental health state satisfies the requirements.

That is why gun control has nothing in common with the limitation of people’s right to own guns. On the contrary, those are fit to buy guns will not experience any prohibitions, while those who should not own guns will finally lose access to them. These measures will make the world a bit safer and reduce the number of injuries and tragedies caused by fire weapons.