Narrative Essay Examples

What Makes a Good Narrative Essay. How to Make a Good One

You have probably heard and even had a task to do a personal narrative essay. It seems like a very simple academic assignment because according to a narrative definition, all you need to do is tell about personal experience or state a point which you want to share with others.

In other words, just choose a topic you like, state the problem, and write your opinion. Despite the fact that there is no strict structure or other obligatory steps that you have to follow, there are a few tips that will help you to choose a good idea among numerous narrative essay topics and write a great assignment.

It is not a problem to find narrative topics on the Internet. There are hundreds of them in free access, and their variety allows you to select any idea that you like.

Absolutely another point is how to choose the one which you would like to discuss in your paper. Besides, you might have so many opinions in your mind, sometimes even controversial, that your essay will resemble a list of statements rather than an essay.

To help you figure out how to write a narrative essay, we have prepared some examples for you. Check these narrative essay examples, and you may even use them as a guideline or template for your own works.

A Personal Narrative Essay Example About Friendship

Some say that the closest people that you have are your parents, brothers, sisters, and other relatives. These have to be the ones on whom you may rely in a time of need or when you feel sad.

And that is true. You have known these people all your life, and most of us who are in good relations with our family members will agree with this statement.

But what about friends? What is their role in our life? Can friends be closer to us than any other family member? Or do they go straight after our family? I believe that friends are our second family, and thus, there should be no difference in attitude towards our family members and friends.

Sometimes friends can be even closer than other family members because you may share with them some things which, for example, your parents will never understand or accept. They value you for who you are.

You do not choose your family, and that is not a secret that not all your relatives are good people, but you still should show a certain level of respect towards them because you are united by the same blood. Friends are the people you choose yourself.

You will never call a bad person a friend, only those you believe are good. And in such circumstances, friends are even closer people than family members because we choose them ourselves.

There is no reason why they have to be good friends to you, but they are still near you because they want to see you and want to hear you. They like your company and love you for who you are.

So, if anybody asks me whether I regard friends higher than my family, I would say no, because my friends are my family. I simply have two families and that's great.

The Difference Between a Chief And a Leader Essay Example

Many people think that being a leader and a chief is the same. You have a team of people who agreed to perform the duties which you have assigned them with.

Some even consider that a chief and a leader are a kind of synonyms, where the last one has been used recently as a new and modish word. However, the difference between these terms exists, and being a chief does not mean that you are a leader yet.

The role of a chief is to organize the working process and to monitor that the team members perform their obligations well. If a team does not cope with the work well for some reason, a chief has to take measures in order to complete everything on time and in accordance with a plan.

A leader has similar functions, and his role in an organization is almost the same, but with one significant difference. A leader is responsible for such aspects of work as motivation, inspiration, and creating healthy and productive work atmosphere.

A leader has to develop approaches and methods which will stimulate a team to work better, faster, and be more involved in the working process. Hence, the goal of a leader is not only to control the effectiveness of employees but to motivate them for showing a better result.

To sum up, I want to say that being a good leader indeed predetermines being a good chief. However, not every good chief is a good leader because the last one has to develop methods of motivation and inspiration, and his work is not limited only by monitoring and controlling the work process.

Why People Should Travel Essay Example

In my life, I met people who had an absolutely opposite attitude towards traveling. In general, they can be divided into two camps.

The first one has either never left their homeland or do it very rarely and rather out of a strong need than because they have a desire for travel. The second camp includes people who like traveling a lot, and if they could, they would make trips to visit a new country every week.

So, people either like traveling a lot or prefer not to leave their cozy homes. However, what about travelling itself, is so necessary or is it just a hobby? I think that traveling is more than a trip to another country.

Every trip is a journey which gives you a new experience and gives you an opportunity to take a look at life at a different angle. It is not even about new cultures, different ways of life, or people with other perception of life.

Traveling is always about something that you have learned. Of course, I am not talking about some specific knowledge. You will hardly become a great physician after a week in Spain. I am talking about the attitude to life which changes after you leave your home in pursuit of new experience.

Every time you return after another trip you come back with a refreshed perception of life, people, and the world. It is like clicking a reset button on your computer, but in case of traveling you reset yourself.

Travelling allows you to change your common surrounding and look on the same things with a fresh eye after coming back home. That’s why I think that making at least a couple of trips a year visiting new places allows people to escape from daily routine and look at their lives from a different perspective.