Narrative Essay Example – Learn From Children

I spent six years in university and now have a job as a teacher. Learning is a part of my daily life, whether through researching new concepts or taking part in professional development opportunities.

I’ve learned new sports and hobbies over the years and have even spent evening hours perusing the Internet for entertaining facts. But the most I have ever learned is not from books or courses. The lessons I’ve learned that held the most meaning have come from my encounters with children.

My niece Hailee is only five years old and yet I have learned lots in the last few years from her. Mostly I’ve learned some of the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

By participating in activities that she does, (that I have forgotten about or just couldn’t make the time for), I have developed an appreciation for the simple joys of activities such as watering flowers, coloring pictures of princesses, or jumping in a pile of gathered autumn leaves.

Sometimes it is smart to just take a few minutes and jump on a trampoline or run down the street chasing a butterfly. It is fun and freeing and a wonderful stress reliever. And it makes life worth living.

There are two children that are in the school I work in. They are identical twins who love each other very much. These children, named Lexi and Brock, look out for one another.

They help each other with their homework and give hugs when life gives them heartaches. When one gets sick they both sit in the office together, ready to give sympathy and affection. It reminds me of the joy of having a family and the support that a family member can give just by being by your side.

As a six-grade teacher, I am reminded daily of the joys that humor gives us. Twelve-year-olds love to tell jokes. And my problems with paying taxes and having to complete household chores pale in comparison to a group of people coming to terms with their changing bodies and their new identities.

My students remind me that there are bigger issues in life and not to get bogged down by petty problems. Also, they teach me the joy of learning, as their youthful enthusiasm is contagious. Not only that, they have an ability to offer perspectives that I can’t always imagine. Children are very inventive and wise.

I have learned many lessons throughout life. But having children in my life is a blessing for my personal education unlike any other. They remind me to enjoy the simple moments in life and to, once in a while, simply play.

Through their example, I am taught to be a better family member and to cherish the family that I have. As well, I remember to share a joke or two and consider new ways to look at situations and problems. I’m taught to learn every single day.

This essay is an example of a narrative essay. The author is using real-life experiences to prove the thesis of the essay: The lessons I’ve learned that held the most meaning have come from my encounters with children.

The essay shows that children have a lot to offer to adults, either by reminding them of activities that they have forgotten or by teaching them to look at things in a different way. Through their example, they can teach adults to become better family members and to appreciate people they have in their life.