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First Impression

To be honest, when I first laid my eyes on, I was not impressed. It looks as bland and unimaginative as a website can only do. I was also suspicious about the name: is this a joke or are you literally telling us your writers will mess up the word order along with everything else? 

Is EssayYoda reliable? They did a good job of making me think it isn’t from the first look. But okay, let’s not judge the book by its cover just yet. Who knows, maybe it’s just a small company with a dozen writers that is just starting out? 

Let’s check some EssayYoda reviews to see what customers say about it, as well as order paper on our own to compare the results.

Quality of Service

Now, did I have any reason to be optimistic? Before ordering the paper, I examined the site a little more, and had less and less hope every minute. 

According to the statistics, the company wasn’t a beginner, and they had over 300 writers online at the moment, so, probably, there are more.

Well, there are only 9 writer profiles in the “Writers” tab on The photos and names (or nicknames, to be correct) seemed vaguely familiar, so I suspected the site using the same pool of writers a bunch of other writing agencies do.

Writers' profiles

One thing is certain, the photos are fake, very fake. I can’t imagine a CEO of a successful startup working as an academic writer.

Sam Shead's review

That was a reason to doubt EssayYoda legit nature even more. Without further ado, let’s get to the paper I received from them. It was not good. 

I ordered an urgent essay, simple enough, and received it just in time, but it was in no way a complete work. It seems the name of the company isn’t a lie, although the little green Jedi Master is still speaking more comprehensibly than my writer. 

I suspect he was from some foreign country judging from all the improperly used words and a ton of mistakes (and high plagiarism on top of that). I guess it’s safe to call EssayYoda scam for lying about its writers and their skills.

Pricing and Deadlines

One of the other things I noticed right away is the absence of a price calculator. This neat tool wasn’t available on this website from a far-away galaxy (and from long ago, obviously). 

And it turned out I still couldn’t prepare an EssayYoda prices review for you, since there is no price table, no exact figures on the site. 

The only way to find out the price is by placing an order, and there’s no saying what the final cost depends on. Mine was $13.90 per essay page with a 10-days deadline.

Choosing order details

Now, the deadlines are another thing why I wouldn’t call EssayYoda safe. There is a calendar and a clock you can use to select the preferred deadline, and I figured out the shortest period you can set is 3 hours, while the longest is 62 days. 

The funny thing is the price for the paper didn’t change when I tried either of those time limits. Nice. No wonder there are no EssayYoda Reddit reviews, no one in their right mind would use it after seeing all this.

Types of Papers

The available paper types can be seen in the mini order form on the main page, and it’s probably everything the people behind the site could come up with. In other words, it’s a usual list from essays and book reviews to lab reports and dissertations. 

And they also offer rewriting and editing. I’m not going to list all those paper options here since I have no doubt they will butcher them just as they did my essay. And I definitely won’t believe those EssayYoda reviews on their site, there are a couple dozen of them, and they are all from several years ago.

Special Features

Surprisingly, there are even some extra features like progressive delivery, VIP support, 1-page abstract, and essay outline. Additionally, you can select a premium writer for extra 10% of the order price and a platinum one for extra 20%. 

Since I’ve already suspected the answer to the question “Is EssayYoda trustworthy?” even before ordering, I saw no point in giving them more money for those features.

Additional services

Customer Care

And although there are many more things to criticize EssayYoda for, I will end this review by saying that it has one of the worst customer support services I’ve encountered. First of all, there’s no live chat, no phone number, only a form to get an answer via email.

Second, I doubt the site even has its own support agents. There’s a curious tab at the top that contains EssayYoda reviews of some other writing services, all of them positive. 

I suppose all those belong to the same company, and it’s probably the same people running them, the same writers, and the same customer agents. So I would probably stay away from those sites as well.

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