EssayShark Review

First Impression

EssayShark doesn’t have anything attractive about it visually, and they do a poor job of presenting their service, so their benefits aren’t clearly visible to a newcomer. However, once customers discover what those are, they often decide to turn to this writing service in the hour of need.

The bidding system and the release of payment by a customer upon review of the completed work. Sounds promising, but things are not as bright as one might imagine. This EssayShark review is meant to make it clear who you’re dealing with when ordering a paper on the site.

Quality of Service

As usual, I decided to take a look at feedback to see whether the service gets any orders at all, especially since this one has been around since 2011. EssayShark Reddit search didn’t bring many results, only a few posts of people asking about the service and advertising posts from EssayShark and its writers.

essayshark reddit

TrustPilot has by far the most and best feedback with 225 reviews that are mostly positive and result in a 4.5 stars rating. Most of those comments, however, are no longer than a sentence or a few words and come from users with no other reviews on the platform, so that was the first ring for me.

SiteJabber has only 34 reviews, and they are predominantly negative and much more detailed. And I’m not speaking about EssayShark reviews posted directly on the site, that’s the last place I would look for a real opinion.

Now, this can all be explained by the utilized bidding system, and those usually consist of freelance writers from a common pool used by several services. It seems that EssayShark didn’t ask too many questions when hiring them, and so it makes it easy to get a bad writer, which is what happened to me.

I was able to preview the parts of my paper as it was written, but I found little consolation in that. Certain parts were rough, but I expected them to be smoothed out once the work is done and can be thoroughly edited and proofread. Turns out, this wasn’t part of the plan for my writer, who even managed to deliver the final parts after the deadline.

Since I had to preview the whole thing, it was considered that I accepted the paper, the money was released, and I was left with no hope for revision or refund. Does this make EssayShark scam? Not exactly, but it doesn’t make a reliable platform either.

Pricing and Deadlines

The problem with this bidding platform is that there aren’t even approximate prices, so to find them out, you have to register and place an order. Then, you will start seeing writers’ bids, which differ quite a lot, but even the lowest ones are rarely less than $20 per page, no matter the deadline.

As a rule, you don’t want to choose the cheapest writer, but frankly, I’m not sure it helps. When looking for feedback, I came across more than one review claiming the writers weren’t from English-speaking countries, that they only receive $3-5 per page, and so the prices are actually set by the site owners. The deadlines are negotiated with a writer, but there have been multiple reports of late delivery, mine included.

Types of Papers

EssayShark probably tried to get every possible paper and subject on the list, and they left the category “Other” for anything not included. However, I wouldn’t consider it a good thing in this EssayShark review, and here’s why. I checked a few top writers’ pages, and sure enough, they had fake photos of people found on the Internet.

essayshark writers

Moreover, there are profiles of writers who have supposedly completed thousands of papers, as much as 8000+. Impressive. Let’s see what these prolific writers specialize in. Oh, wow, these must be some real geniuses, who can easily deal with healthcare, psychology, computer science, math, business management, political science, etc.

Would such a person work at a lousy writing company like EssayShark? Or do they just take on any order they can get and use the power of the Internet to produce crappy papers? The latter is more believable, EssayShark lies to its customers.

is essayshark legit?

Special Features

The only extra features are requesting a specific writer or letting the system automatically find a suitable writer for you, which makes the bidding system pointless.

speacial features at essayshark

Customer Care

There’s no customer support whatsoever. You’re given a direct chat with the writer, so EssayShark representatives think their work is done here. There’s no customer support live chat, no phone to call. Have a question? Leave a ticket, and maybe it will be answered. Someday.

customer support at essayshark

Is EssayShark legit? It’s a legit way to waste time, money, and get a mediocre paper at best, and if you’re lucky if it’s sent to you on time.

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