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Essay topics that you can find at essaydepot.com can be divided into 6 groups:

•    Art: film, music, sports, singers;
•    English: book reviews, creative writing;
•    History: ancient America, Europe, Asia;
•    Science: biology, chemistry, technology;
•    Social Issues: abortion, drugs, human rights;
•    Miscellaneous: interesting stuff and other topics.

How to Get a Free Essay?

To read an essay example at EssayDepot.com you should create an account and upload your own essay example.  This site uses the same essay database as oppapers.com.  However, the way the topics are ordered here is much more convenient.

Custom writing

If you need a professional writer help, you may use an option to order an essay which redirects you to WriteMEessay.com. Here you can order a paper for $19.95 per page.

Special features

You can upload your own essay to EssayDepot.com and then you will be able to comment and rate other essays.

2 thoughts on “Essaydepot.com

  1. Todd Short says:

    This site is too difficult to use. I didn’t get how to search a topic there.

  2. Caleb Jackson says:

    It is not free…scam!

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