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In a world of terrorism, war, famine, and crime it is often difficult to believe that love exists. And it is sometimes far easier to believe that hatred far outweighs the presence of love.

But the fact remains, hate isn’t more prominent than love. Sometimes, hate is just easier to see. Boy A punches Boy B = anger and hatred. Simple. Obvious. A unified equation.

However, it doesn’t mean that love cannot present in this situation too. Love exists in the boy who shows self-pride and forgiveness and doesn’t punch back. Love exists in the woman who patches up a sad boy’s face. Love exists in the antagonist who later feels guilt. Love exists. Love really does make the world go round – if you know where to look.

First point

If you follow the news media, you might be skeptical of my claim. The headlines are filled with robberies, murders, and general destruction.

But that’s just sensationalism. People love action and adventure, and even intrigue. But look at any newspaper and you’ll find love – you just might have to look deeper than the opening headline.

You’ll see love written into farewell obituaries and people searching for lost pets. You’ll see it in the wedding pictures and through the dedication which people place into writing articles. You’ll read about it in the letters to editors, where people show passion for a topic, and in charity auction notices.

Second point

Love songs prove that love is complicated and that it isn’t always easy to understand. But it is a fascinating phenomenon which exists despite al bad things that happen regularly in the world.

Think of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” which describes undying love or think of Gloria Gaynor’s famous, “I Will Survive” which demonstrates the strength of self-love.

Think even of Gene Kelly’s “Singing in the Rain,” which illustrates the love of a moment. Songs might not describe simple love, or love without complications, but they do describe love far more often then they describe hatred.

Third point

When I think of love, I think of my family. Truth-be-told, I think of their annoying habits, but the presence of love surrounds those thoughts too. I love my family and they love me. My friends, who I trust dearly, I think of as family too.

The family dynamic has lived on since the beginning of time and shows no sign of stopping. The structure might change, from marriage to common-law or two parents to one, but there will always be people living together, sharing moments, helping one another, loving life’s idiosyncrasies through friendship, trust, and affection.


Some days, especially when there’s rain or snow, it is easier to think of something negative and dwell on hatred and despair. But love is there, all around us, just waiting to be recognized.

It exists in the news media, hidden behind more glorified topics, and in the songs that we listen to every day. Love is in family, friends, and all the relationships we respect and cherish. Love exists and makes the world move forward with hope and ambition.

Thesis Statement Example

This essay is about love, not just simply the existence of love, but how it can be difficult to recognize sometimes. The thesis of this essay shares the fact that love exists and moves the world forward – “if you know where to look”.

The essay continues the thesis statement, showing where love exists in the daily world and the disguises (like news media) that it sometimes hides behind. The main point of the essay (the thesis) is developed through three main topics, which are summarized in the conclusion of the essay.

Definition Essay Example

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Argumentative Essay Example

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So what is going on here? If diets don’t work, why are people perpetually trying them? Well, people want them to work. They often hope for a quick-fix or miracle result. The truth is, though, the best way to lose weight is through a nutritious, portion-controlled diet and proper exercise. Read more

Narrative Essay Example – My Hero: My Self

Wayne Gretzky: famous hockey player and coach. Oprah Winfrey: talk show host and media mogul. Donald Trump: entrepreneur. Bill Gates: computer designer and CEO. These are all famous people that have been cited worldwide as role models. Papers have been written on them, as well as books and articles.
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Compare and Contrast Essay

Half the weeds people pull from the garden are, by definition, flowers. And many flowers that people decorate their gardens with are, in actuality, weeds. How so?

Well, the distinction between flowers and weeds is not as divergent as one might think. A young child plucking a dandelion sees it as a bright and pretty flower, while others see it as an intrusive weed.

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Cause and Effect Essay

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