Definition Essay Example

There are some words that have universal meanings. When people think of a cat, they imagine a meowing creature with four legs and a tail. But there are other words that have more complex definitions and each person attaching a different meaning to them.

There are also those words which no one understands the meaning behind. People want to achieve the results attached to the word, but need some information in order to succeed.

One of these words is ‘self-assurance’. People want to be self-assured and just need to know how to go about it. Being self-assured means having confidence in one’s own abilities, feeling free to make mistakes, and having an edge of humility about your skills.

People who are self-assured have an aura of confidence. They believe in themselves and walk through life with the positive belief that they can achieve success.

Coming to a job interview they walk in with their heads high and their shoulders back. The thoughts in their head are positive like “I can do it,” or “Everything will work out.” Negative thoughts and doubts are ignored or suppressed, as they serve no purpose.

Of course, self-assured people understand that life is not perfect, nor are they. They try to think positively but realize that mistakes are parts of life.

Being self-assured does not mean being perfect, but rather having a confidence in one’s abilities and realizing that mistakes are not the end of the world. Self-assured people bounce back quickly from mistakes because they see them as a natural part of life – not something to cry and get depressed about. Mistakes are things to learn from. Mistakes are challenges to overcome.

However, the most important part of being self-assured is ensuring that a dose of humility is present in a person’s character as well. Self-assured people walk the balance between being confident and being seen as a braggart.

Being self-assured does not mean constantly reminding others of all your wonderful traits, just knowing them on the inside. A person who constantly tells people how wonderful they are and what successes they’ve achieved probably actually lacks confidence, and need approval from those around them.

Self-assured people need no approval from any of the external sources. Their confidence and approval come from the inside. The opinions of others, whether positive or negative, have little to no effect on them.

In conclusion, being self-assured requires a dose of humility. Self-assured people have no need to brag about their finer qualities and successes.

They hold their pride on the inside. A self-assured person repeats positive thoughts and ignores negative ones. Mistakes are accepted as a natural part of life and are learned from, not cry about.

Thesis statement:

A definition essay explains that a word may have a variety of meanings. In this essay, the word “self-assurance” is used as the topic.

The thesis statement explains that being self-assured is based on three traits: humility, an aura of confidence, and an acceptance of mistakes. (“Being self-assured means having confidence in one’s own abilities, feeling free to make mistakes, and having an edge of humility about your skills.”) The difference between being self-assured and being a braggart are explained in the essay, as well as the role that mistakes play in a self-assured person’s life.Second point