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Custom-paper-writing.com is a leading online academic assistance company, which offers essay-writing services. I experienced the services of this company at a time when I needed a company to do my term paper. To be honest, I have a lot of mixed feeling concerning this writing service.

To start with, what struck me about this company, about from a referral I got from my friend is the nice design of their website. The layout is very user-friendly, especially for those people who do not have the time to go over pages and pages of information, before finding what they really are after. The menus are nicely done, and most of the relevant information about their services is very well displayed on their home page.

Quality and Delivery

It was a pleasant surprise to see that Custom-paper-writing offers overnight paper writing and editing services. I found this intriguing, reason being it takes me days to do a single paper.

Anyway, I had seen a sample essay that they had done for my friend, and to say the least, it was top quality content. In addition, the fact that my friend referred me to this service meant that she was a satisfied customer.

I learnt this after having confirmed that the company does not offer any affiliate or incentive programs that might have motivated my friend to refer me. Therefore, I was sure that the quality of service had motivated her to refer me; she wanted me to have the best, just as she had.


When it comes to payment, Custom-paper-writing are a bit left out of the game, since they only accept credit cards as the means of payment. Other writing companies have the options of paying through various methods such as PayPal, which are more convenient to students.

Customer Support

I was not particularly impressed with the fact that the company does not have a live communication channel that they can use to communicate with customers. Whereas competitors had live chat options and toll free telephone lines, Custom-paper-writing only uses a “contact us” form on their website as the sole means of communication.

This is frustrating and an obsolete means of communication, since there is no way of telling when your queries will be handled. Especially for such an important task as writing academic papers, live communication is a life and death affair, since a customer might have a burning issue that they may need sorted immediately.


Custom-paper-writing charges rates that are dependent on 3 things, the number of pages required, the academic level, and the time allowed. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the rates charged by this company in my opinion are a bit high, especially for high school and college essays.

With the standard 2 week high school academic essay being written fir $18.95 per page, whereas that of graduate level goes for $30.95 per page, these charges are a bit exorbitant. However, with the freebies such as free outline, cover page, references, formatting, and revisions, the total cost is significantly reduced, when the quality of work delivered is also considered.

4 thoughts on “Custom-paper-writing.com

  1. Dianawood says:

    I had troubles not only in communication but in contacting my writer as well. However, these problems were solved later.

  2. MariaWelch says:

    I’d recommend this company to all high school students but not to higher levels because technical and academic papers are of poor quality.

  3. Very poor. Numerous grammatical/spelling errors. The author’s FIRST names were used in the paper proving no knowledge of the sources

  4. David Copeland says:

    The paper was thorough, yet some of the grammar was incorrect and the references were not completed.

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