Cause and Effect Essay Example

The phrase, “Everything I need to know about life I learned in kindergarten,” is more of a factual statement than a cute one. Pre-k programs and young literacy supports are becoming more and more common in schools and communities because they are vitally important.

Beginning learners need to be set on the right path for future learning, in order to succeed. And reading is one of the most important skills that everyone needs. Students who do not master it will have struggles throughout their schooling years, as well as in the future careers.

Students who struggle with reading will find English class as a big challenge. Studying stories, news articles, and even their own writing will be a hardship.

But other subjects will be affected as well. Scientific reading is a skill. Social studies involve reading lengthy passages. Even Mathematics has a great deal of reading through word problems and complex scenarios.

Learning a second language like French or Spanish will be nearly impossible. And once a student is behind, no matter what accommodations or interventions are later put into place, it is extremely difficult for that student to catch up.

Students who struggle with reading may find themselves inattentive in class. Unable to follow along, they may begin pestering other students or being disruptive to conceal their shortcomings.

They may find themselves an office-bound discipline problem. Oral instruction will be lost then, as well as the valuable insights of peers. Thus, the initial reading problem becomes more complex and compounded.

Students who are behind in reading, and struggle through their k-12 years, are unlikely to pursue post-secondary education. They will probably not enroll in college or other training. This will then limit their career choices and opportunities.

Finding a job without a degree (in any field) is nearly impossible these days, with only service jobs at restaurants and retail outfits remaining as viable options. And income at places such as these, are often minimal.

But even service jobs require reading – manuals, menus, agendas, menus. Thus, the initial problem of being a remedial reader remains a problem, even decades later. And when these struggling readers become parents. What will they do when their own children struggle – or surpass them in skill?

In some cases, a single problem can affect many areas. Reading and the success of early literacy is an example of such a situation. Children who have trouble reading at a young age can face serious consequences for the rest of their life if the problem isn’t addressed properly and swiftly.

School learning will be affected. Other students’ learning will be disrupted if this child becomes a discipline problem. Future career options will be limited due to the limits of non-readers, and a lack of post-secondary education. Reading is needed in many places and illiteracy can be a barrier in the way of many great things that life has to offer.

Thesis statement:

This essay is an example of a cause and effect essay. A problem is introduced in the opening paragraph and the effects are illustrated in the body of the essay. In this case, the topic of reading (and those who struggle with it) is explored.

The thesis of this essay is, “Students who do not master it will have struggles throughout their schooling years, as well as in the future careers”. The consequences of not learning to read successfully at an early age include school struggles, behavior problems, and future career limitations.