Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative Essay Examples. How to Write a Great Essay

Argumentative essay is one of the most common tasks that you may have, and truth be told, one of the most interesting. Just imagine, you have an opportunity to defend your point of view and explain why you agree or disagree with a particular statement.

Argumentative essay format

is quite flexible, and there are no strict rules concerning how your paper should look. Nevertheless, there is some structure or, better to say, a logical flow which one should obey in order for his or her essay to be considered as argumentative.


how to write an argumentative essay

? This question bothers the minds of many students. First, it is necessary to begin with choosing a topic.


what is a good argumentative essay topic,

you may ask? A good one is the one which you are familiar with and have a strict position considering the raised issue. For instance, do not take a topic which requires in-depth research and you know the issue very little.

Also, avoid topics on which you do not have a certain opinion. In this type of assignment, you should select one side and provide argumentations for why you consider your opinion is correct. You cannot be for and against at the same time.

To get a more clear understanding of how this assignment should look, we have prepared a few

argumentative essay examples

for you. Check them out to get the idea of how you should begin your paper and how an argumentation flow should go. You may use any

argumentative essay sample

as a guide for your own assignment if you don’t know how to begin or in what way to provide your argumentation.

Argumentative Essay About Bullying

One of the main reasons why children do not want to visit school is bullying. Physical and verbal abuse that students experience at school is not a holdover which simply stays in the past. Despite the fact that the frequency of physical abuse significantly reduces, the amount of verbal abuse is increased and even transformed into a new form.

Verbal bullying is always hard to detect since there is always lack of trustworthy pieces of evidence which could prove that such thing really occurred. However, today it becomes even more difficult to detect bullying.

New technologies make victims almost defenseless against bullies. Now it is not even necessary to be near the victim to make unpleasant remarks about him or her. Social networks allow to abuse someone remotely and even anonymously, so the victim may receive dozens of negative messages and comments without a single idea who a sender is.

That is why despite the positive statistics which indicate that physical bullying decreases every year, one should take verbal abuse into account. These cases are harder to detect, their volume increases, and there are no effective measures which could guarantee protection from verbal bullying.

Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport Argumentative Essay Example

I have always viewed a sport as a physical activity which requires a lot of efforts, patience, and a strong will for results. No matter what kind of sports people do from football to weightlifting, it always requires one to overcome challenges and prepare to numerous defeats before he or she could finally win.

Besides, sports have always been associated with such physical activity such as running, jumping, pushing, lifting, and so on. In other words, when a person pushes his or her body to the limits and stays fit as a result.

The latest tendencies make people accept the view that playing video games can be considered a sport. I understand this point of view.

Those people who believe that video games should be considered a sport think so because video games have such aspect as competition. However, that is the only reasonable explanation which I believe could account for the statement of why video games are considered to be a sport.  

Nevertheless, as for me, only the presence of competition is not enough to consider video games a sport. Sitting in front of the computer has nothing in common with physical exercises which real athletes do every day to achieve great results.

Indeed, the so-called cyber sportsmen spent a lot of time to improve their skills and develop strategies which will allow them to win. Hence, I think that video games can be compared to chess or other games where players prevail through logic and stratagem.

So, I have nothing against video games and competitions between gamers. I do accept video games as an activity which leads to improvement of reaction and logical thinking. However, probably due to my stereotypical views on sports, I cannot agree that video games should have any connection with sports and thus be considered a sport.

Argumentative Essay About Education At Home

For many years, the only way for children to get education predetermined visiting schools. Only rich families could allow hiring teachers who would teach their children at home.

Hence, the majority of students had to visit schools to get knowledge. Today, due to the Internet, one receives an opportunity to get education remotely without even leaving home.

Online classes do not cost as much as a personal teacher, so one should not pay more for them. However, another issue is whether distant education is as effective and may offer more benefits.

On the first glance, the advantages seem obvious and numerous. One should not spend time on everyday trips to school or campus. Distant education saves more time which students may spend on their homework.

Besides, such a negative phenomenon as bullying is also eliminated. However, there is another side which demonstrates that online education has negative outcomes. For instance, such essential aspects as social interaction and communication become unavailable to students.

The physical presence at school allows students to interact with each other and exchange social and study experience and skills. They also get an opportunity to work together on the same project which allows getting such an important skill as team working. Moreover, those people who spend much time in isolation are more vulnerable to mental diseases and experience more challenges when they have to work in a team.

Education at home is a significant step forward which allows some people who are not able to visit educational institutions to study at home. However, for those who want to save some extra 30-40 minutes a day, education at home should not be viewed as a good option. Distant study eliminates an opportunity to get social experience which one will lack in the future.