First Impression

At first glance, A-writer seems like a bold and confident academic partner. Their stats are impressive with hundreds of writers, thousands of completed papers, and a rating of 94.2 out of 100.

Moreover, the company was founded back in 2002 and boasts over 15 years of experience dealing with essays, term papers, and other assignments across all academic levels.

But is a-writer.com safe? Should you trust them with your money and your reputation? We’ll answer these questions and more in the honest and unbiased a-writer.com review. If you’re too impatient to read the whole thing, you should know that our first impression was misleading, and everything did not go as smoothly as we’d expected.


There’s nothing worse than remembering about an assignment the night before its submission deadline. However, A-writer promises to deliver a paper within 3 hours. That’s an ambitious claim that they can’t always achieve. Moreover, the company offers to provide a dissertation chapter in under 12 hours.

That’s unlikely for most fields. Even experienced academics wouldn’t be able to put together a credible methodology, results, or discussion section on such a deadline.

The longest deadline for a-writer.com writing also varies. For essays and other short papers, you can set it at ten days, while dissertation services offer up to 2 months.


Considering a surprising lack of a-writer.com reviews anywhere but the official website, the prices were too steep for our taste. You could easily find a handful of reliable sites with better rates.

There is no distinction between academic levels, but the company proposes three quality levels. Standard quality pieces start at $22.99 per page on a 10-day deadline.

Premium quality takes the rates up to $25.99 per page, while the Platinum level will cost you $29.99 per page if you have ten days to spare. The prices go further up the shorter deadline you choose. Discounts can lower the price by 15%, but they are only applicable for orders over $50.

a-writer pricing

Types of Papers

We couldn’t find any A-writer reviews on their dissertation writing services though the company offers help to Ph.D. hopefuls. However, high school and college assignments are the most common in their order form. You can get help with essays, term papers, and research papers. 

The website doesn’t advertise it, but the order form also hosts a bunch of business-oriented writing services, such as business plan writing or SWOT analysis.

You can even hire a writer to complete a marketing plan or financial analysis. The quality of these projects might be questionable, but the possibility is there.

types of papers at a-writer.com

Special Features

The three quality levels we’ve seen discussed in A Writer reviews come with different features included. For example, only Platinum quality orders come are completed by writers with over five years of writing experience. Standard quality orders do not include advanced plagiarism check, making us wonder about the company’s claims of originality.

After you choose the quality level, you can include additional features to make your experience smoother. VIP service package includes VIP support, proofreading by an editor, and your paper written by one of the top-10 writers for the measly price of $13.04. You can also choose among the three available extras that range in cost between $5.75 and $9.99.

Customer Care

Is a-writer.com legit? We thought the easiest way to answer the question would be by talking to company representatives. Between email, phone call, and live chat, we chose the latter option to get in touch and ask the most pressing questions.

To their credit, the customer support team were fast to greet us and provide relevant information. However, they were reluctant to talk about revisions and refunds, as most writing websites’ agents are.

For example, we couldn’t get the agents to specify under what conditions the company would provide a full refund. They were also unwilling to explain how a customer could prove low quality aside from citing a low grade.

Quality of Service

Having paid over $60 for a 3-page college essay, we expected to get a stunning piece of writing supported by iron-clad references and irrefutable logic. What we got was nowhere close.

The essay had a solid thesis statement and a few passable points, but the structure and transitions were confusing and hard to understand. Mistakes and typos were a cherry on top of the disappointment cake. The essay we got would not get the highest grade and was too shabby for the price we’d paid.

Is a-writer.com reliable? We wouldn’t trust this company with high-priority papers that can affect your GPA. Despite the high prices and impressive stats, A-Writer is far from perfect.

3 thoughts on “A-writer.com

  1. Good service and nice price! The paper I received was written by a true professional. Thank you for quality help!

  2. Mabel Creighton says:

    They delivered my paper on time. VIP service is great. I really enjoyed it!

  3. Support tried to help but authors are hopeless. Paper isnt enough. Making review comments made me sick. Authors couldnt understand what i want so i gave up. Last paper fits in to form but content isnt enough. Im unhappy and tired.

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